To Whom It May Concern 

Community Protection by Sub Rosa 

I’ve been living in Constantia Kloof, in the peace full days, since 1980. Following the normal burglaries I joined the Armed Response Companies to enhance my family’s safety environment. 

During March 2013 I signed up to Sub- Rosa following a telecom with Jaques Kleynhans.  The more personalized approach from – mostly ex- Police employees, in their Police look alike cars, was the pointer that persuaded me to change. All my Sub-Rosa expectations were exceeded. Improved services included:- 

• Market Related / Tailor-made system upgrade

• Reduced monthly subscriptions

• 24 hour Detailed text monitoring messages  

• Daily emails of suspect incidences and vehicles  

• Monthly newsletters clearly demonstrating pro-active actions preventing criminal activities

• Actively confronting suspicious individuals to prevent criminal actions

• Cameras, mounted in vehicles,  record any action around the vehicle and are directly linked to satellite tracking system, enabling the Control Room Operator to monitor both the tracking and cameras live

• Visible property visits by a Reaction Officer, during his patrols, to ensure that your property is safe and secure 

Every day after work I take my dogs for a walk. About 2 weeks ago, whilst walking, a Sub-Rosa vehicle parked up next to me with the message that my electric gate is not fully closed and nobody answers the gate phone to close the gate.  

I am glad to say that: 

• The personalized service that Jaques Kleynhans referred to was not “lip service”

• The friendly, mostly Afrikaans speaking, Reaction Officers are doing a community service, with passion and pride, that needs to be commended