Comments on Sub Rosa as my security provider of choice  

We recently decided to make a switch to Sub Rosa as out security service provider. What we have found to be positive in their service offering:  

• They have a pro-active philosophy and approach.  Their patrol cars are constantly on the move and have cameras build into the cars to observe activity in the neighbourhood as they move through the streets and can therefore pick up any strange activity if they are in the area.  

• The patrol cars drive 24/7 and can only stop (according to them) for essential reasons, otherwise they patrol actively (not sitting on a corner or under a tree and sleep).  

• When you activate a panic alarm, they immediately deploy the patrol car to your property whilst trying to get hold of you.  It is different to other companies where they first phone to find out if they must send someone.  For this reason they guarantee a reaction time of 3 minutes or less.  

We have examples of responses we have personally experienced very recently:

• Even before we joined they said that anyone can contact them, even if not a member, as they consider community security to be as important. So I decided to test this.  Recently, shortly after I left our house, our alarm activated for some reason.  I only managed to find that out about 10/15 minutes later when I got to a venue where I met my wife and got hold of my phone.  I had a voice message from my current security company regarding the activated alarm activated and a request to “call them for more information”, which I did.  I then decided to test Sub Rosa and gave them a call.  They called me back, within less than 3 minutes, to tell me the response car was at my place and that everything was in order.  While they were there, my security company arrived (15+minutes later).  This was the final incident that helped me make up my mind to switch.

• Subsequently, after joining Sub Rosa, we ordered something from a chemist who delivered a package at our place.  Shortly after the delivery guy stopped at our gate, Sub Rosa’s patrol car was there, without us calling them, asking the guy if he had any business at our place.  Well, if that is not a security service…..we have never experienced anything like this with previous service providers. • Recently we were out of town.  There was a problem with one of our sensors that resulted in the alarm activating often.  We were kept informed and also guaranteed that the patrol car will remain in the immediate vicinity of our place to ensure nothing goes wrong.  Again, a different kind of service  

It is clear that Sub Rosa’s service is a service of a different kind and different class.  If they continue this kind of service, they can only go from strength to strength and I will continue to be a member.