1. Vision
Striving to become the most successful Security Services provider, with a brought National and International client base. Most important is a client satisfaction rate of more than 100%.
2. Mission Statement
Sub Rosa Integrated Security Solutions cc mission statement is as follow.
  • ·Sub Rosa means “confidentially”. All clients’ information is strictly handled in this manner.  You the client are, our most important asset and we are committed to keep your information secure and personal. 
  • Sub Rosa Integrated Security Solutions cc is specialized service that uses high tech equipment combined with experience and qualifications to provide a service that comply with expectations of our clients.
  • We will keep a high level of professionalism and update ourselves with the latest modus operandi and technology to improve our service constantly.
  • We see our growth and profits in the successful dealing with our clients.
3. Service provided
 The following categories of services are provided.
  •  Investigations
  •  Information
  •  Risk assessments
  •  Technical assessments
  •  Technical installations
  •  Guard Division
  •  Technical Division
3.1. Investigations
3.1.1Criminal Investigations
This includes all Scheduled crimes. Locate and interview witnesses. Evidence evaluations; explore potential problems in cases, statements, and legal options.
  • Murder
  • Culpable Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Fraud
  • Robbery
  • Money Laundering
  • Bribery
  • Corruption
  • Theft
Any other criminal investigation, accidents, driving under the influence etc.
3.1.2 Civil Investigations
Locate and interview witnesses, evidence evaluations, statements, and legal options.
  • Accidents
  • Labor relations
  • Insurance
  • Witness Statements
  • Medical
  • Dishonesty
3.1.3 Corporate Investigations
Locate and interview witnesses, evidence evaluations, statements, and legal options, criminal, civil, and disciplinary action, covert operations, financial, criminal and background checks and the placing of under cover agents in key areas to establish the modus operandi and identify perpetrators. Whistle blowing action plan.
  • Banking Systems
  • Creditors Payment
  • Debtors Fraud
  • Fraud and Corruption in work place
  • Whistle blowing
  • Ethics
  • Procurement Fraud
  • Forensic Technology
  • Money Laundering
  • Anti-fraud strategy
  • Theft
  • Asset Recovery
  • Kickbacks and inducements
  • Bid Fixing
  • Policy
3.1.4 Liability Investigations
Locate and interview witnesses, evidence evaluations, statements, and legal options, criminal and civil action, financial, criminal and background checks.
  • Auto
  • Property
  • Services of process
  • Personal
  • Criminal
  • Labor related
3.1.5 Workers Compensation
Claimant injuries and capabilities are investigated. Who is receiving payments? Where did injuries take place? Was their any neglect?  Background check.
  • Activity checks
  • Third party
  • Medical
  • Process
3.1.6 Insurance
Investigations helps insure companies, corporations, and individuals with false claims this could lead to million’s in fraudulent savings. The following are investigated:
  • Fraud
  • Dishonesty
  • Unfair
  • Background
3.1.7 Undercover agents
 Undercover agents are utilized to identify criminal elements and establish the modus operandi used by these elements. This knowledge is used to minimize the risk and consequences of crimes and labour related incidents. Information is knowledge.
●       Criminal activities
●       Intelligence
●       Departmental investigations
●       Labour relations
3.1.8 Summary of Investigations
In all cases we locate, interview, obtain statements, collect evidence and we evaluate crime scenes. Results are coordinated with forensic experts. Disciplinary and Criminal cases are compiled and handled to the client if requested.
Potential problems in sequence of events are identified as well as procedures that were not followed by SAPS or Investigator.
A full report is compiled on each investigation and the client is provided with all evidence on the case.
3.2 Information
Information is Power and no decision should be made without it. 
3.2.1 Intelligence
  • Internal
  • External
  • Crime related
  • Labor related
  • Employee
  • Technical Equipment
3.2.2 Tracking / Tracing / Screenings
  • Background
  • Qualifications
  • Criminal Record
  • Credit
  • Surveillance
  • Employee profile
  • Judgments
  • Personal Profile
3.2.3 Security Risk and Technical Assessment
  • Internal infrastructure
  • External infrastructure
  • Internal environment
  • External environment
  • Audit
  • Standards / Procedures
  • Profile
3.2.4 De-bugging / Covert Operations / CCTV installations
  • ·Industrial espionage
  • Ethics
  • Information
  • Detection
3.2.5 Personal Protection
  • 24hrs protection
  • International / Country wide
  • Assessment of Risk
  • Detection / Upheld
  • Escort
3.2.6 Polygraphs
Obtain information to assist in an investigation, recovery purposes, and detection.
3.2.7 Summary of Information
Information establishes a strong bargaining power in negotiations for any decision that clients need to make. Surveillance and audits of criminal, civil, background information, qualifications for personal involvement or verification of credentials.
3.3 Guard Division
Guarding division is a pro-active measure against internal and external threads.
3.3.1 Industry Guarding
Our Guards are placed at Factories, Industrial sites, Mines etc. These Guards are utilized for access and egress control, searches, patrols, stock control and to enforce safety policies etc.
3.3.2 Corporate Guarding
Corporate Guards adds to the Industrial Guarding the need for implacable image both from our guards and clients point of view. This is where our client’s image is inextricable link to the image of our personnel.
3.3.3 CCTV Surveillance
Cameras must be monitored in order for them to be utilized pro active. It is important to use a company with no ties to your company or employees to minimize collision between the involved parties.
3.4 Technical Division
Sub Rosa pride themselves as experts in the installation and repair of all your security needs.
3.4.1 Alarms
Our Technicians received training in the following alarm systems; Paradox, DSC, IDS, Texecom, Puma, etc. Whether you need a new system, upgrade or maintenance wê will be able to assist.
3.4.2 Electric fence
The Law has changed significantly regarding electric fences and where the Law is ignored or not complied with it can have radical consequences for parties involved. Each electric fence that are erected or altered after October 2012 have to comply with the said legislation. Sub Rosa technician received training in this regard and can assist with COC certificates, maintenance, upgrades and new fences.
3.4.3 Gate motors
We can assist with the installation, maintenance or repair of all makes of gate motors.
3.4.4 Cameras
Sub Rosa can assist with the installation or repair of all camera systems. Our Technicians received training in various analogue, IP and digital camera systems and are able to adres your need.